Our Consultant


Dr. David W. Smith

D.Min, Certified Church Consultant

David approaches his consultations with a wealth of training and experience to mine for your church’s benefit.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Bible and missiology, two master’s degrees in theology, a doctoral degree in leadership and church administration, and is certified as a church consultant by the Society for Church Consulting. His grasp of the Scriptures coupled with his administrative and leadership acumen completely qualify him to help your church achieve and maintain ministry health.

Training only goes so far. David’s practical experience makes him much more than a qualified consultant – he’s also walking in your shoes. David has served in pastoral ministry for more than 25-years – as a senior pastor since 2001 – a role he continues in currently. Throughout his ministry career, David has served in churches of over 1,300 and under 50. He’s pastored churches that looked unhealthy and were, and that looked healthy, but weren’t. He’s experienced the rigors, trials, frustrations, and tears that come with pastoring an unhealthy church. Equally true, he’s seen what God can do in the lives of people when an unhealthy church puts in the time and effort to become healthy. He knows where you are and where you’d like to be.

David has a passion for Christ, the local church, and those who lead and serve God’s people. He knows intimately and experientially the challenges of day-to-day operations, staffing, ministry administration, budgeting, leadership development, team operations, interpersonal church life, overall church health, and strategic planning. If anyone can relate to where you are, David can.

David’s passion is to help local church pastors, leaders, and people learn the best practices and gain the biblical and practical insight to get keep their churches healthy.

With Telios Church Consulting LLC, you will be served by a qualified and knowledgeable professional who has walked miles in your shoesSfCC Logo 460 x 150 (002).

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