Why Should My Church Consider Using Telios?

Local church life and ministry isn’t what it once was. While the church’s missio dei (mission given by God) never changes, modern ministry praxis paradigms have dramatically changed. The global society in which churches find themselves is broader and more real than it has ever been. Social media and internet access mean people are much more globally minded today than in years gone past. Life no longer exists in a secluded geographic community but in a cyber-community. This truth means the thoughts, beliefs, values, and expectations of people both within and without the local church are increasingly impacted by philosophies that are increasingly hostile toward the gospel and the Church’s missio dei. Churches must adapt their ministry praxis accordingly or risk the demise of irrelevancy and antiquity. America is rapidly devolving into a post-modern/pre-Christian mindset that mandates churches engage the culture differently than they did a generation ago; regardless of where in the cultural fabric they find themselves. Add to this the invasion by polytheistic religious pluralism that has eroded among the younger generations the basic reliability churches previously relied upon with the older generations, the increasingly  litigious society that has few, if any, qualms about bringing legal action against local churches, the tangled web of a government whose tax laws change from year to year and require churches to be ever vigilant to ensure they are compliant, and local church ministry just isn’t as easy as it used to be.

No senior, solo, executive, assistant, or associate pastor should be expected to become an expert in every facet of modern ministry and operational compliance; it’s just not possible. This is where God can use Telios Church Consulting LLC to help your church. The Lord called our consultant, Dr. David Smith, into the pastoral ministry more than 25-years ago. During his pastoral tenure, he’s worked in a variety of roles; spending most of his time as a senior pastor. His first senior pastorate is where his passion to help other pastors, like you, and churches, like yours, was birthed. It was a revitalization project with extreme difficulties. After leaving seminary and accepting the call to his first senior/solo pastorate, David soon realized how ill-equipped for the rigors of pastoring a very unhealthy, dying church he was. Furthermore, he had no one to whom he could turn with the knowledge, skill, and heart to come alongside him to help. This led David to pursue a path that led him where he is now and equipped him to help pastors and churches become, maintain, and increase their health.

At Telios, we love the local church. We love pastors. We love leaders who want to see their churches become the healthiest ministries they possibly can be. God gave us a passion to help pastors, leaders, and churches realize the potential of what God can do with people who are pursuing His mission with a unified heart and healthy practices. We believe God can use the knowledge, skill set, and ministry experiences Dr. Smith brings to the table – both his mistakes and God’s successes – as a tool to humbly come alongside you and your church in a unique partnership. We want to give you what you may lack; someone who understands what you’re going through and to whom you can turn to help you navigate the journey from where you are to where God wants you to be.

What Consulting Services Does Telios Offer?

Comprehensive Consultations

This service provides a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your church’s entire ministry praxis from a holistic perspective. It utilizes tools like the Church Health Survey, 1st View, Ministry Area Profile, et. al. to help us make recommendations that can help move your church’s ministry from where it is to a healthier ministry position and practice. A Comprehensive Consultation will include, among other things, the following areas:

  • Current status analysis (history, growth trends, financial trends, initial perceptions, etc.) – a survey of your church’s entire ministry from top to bottom, inside and out, looking for areas of strength and ways to maximize your Church Health Potential
  • Church Health Survey – an analysis of your church’s health in the areas of worship, prayer, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism; giving each area and the overall ministry a score that reveals the church’s health from the perception of its own people
  • 1st View and Ministry Area Profile – an analysis of your church’s effectiveness in its local community to ascertain areas of opportunity for reaching your community with the Gospel
  • Vision and mission analysis – an in-depth look at your church’s current vision and mission to ascertain your overall cohesiveness and vision-mission alignment
  • Digital presence and communications – an analysis of your church’s communication effectiveness using digital media and explore ways to communicate more effectively using simple tools at your disposal
  • Leadership development analysis – an analysis of your leadership identification, recruitment, development and implementation strategy
  • Best practices analysis – an analysis of your day-to-day operations looking for consistency and the employment of best practices in ministry operations

Vision and Mission Development

This is a specialty service offered to church plants, revitalization efforts, rejuvenation efforts, and those churches that already on a path to maximum health. This service specifically analyzes your church’s current vision and mission with the intention of identifying areas where it might be refined. It is also good for new church plants, revitalization and rejuvenation efforts looking for help writing or rewriting a biblical vision and mission.

Leadership Development

This service can assist your church in learning and implementing specific leadership development techniques to maximize your leadership development potential.

Administration Analysis

This service analyzes your church’s administrative documents, policies, procedures, job descriptions, and other administrative functions in order to recommend areas of improvement and implementation of best practices.

Oikos Evangelism Training

This service offers a way for Telios to come alongside your church and help get you unstuck from your evangelism rut. We can help your people understand and employ the simple genius of the Great Commission in a biblically consistent and effective manner that personalizes the Gospel mandate to every believer in the context of our individual Oikos; the 8-15 people whom God has supernaturally and strategically positioned in every believer’s life. This service will revolutionize your evangelism and discipleship efforts like no other!

What Geographical Area Does Telios Serve?

Telios is currently situated in the north-western sector of the lower peninsula of the State of Michigan. Currently, our target region is the Great Lakes. This region includes Michigan, north-western Ohio north of Cincinnati, Indiana north of Indianapolis and north-eastern Illinois, predominantly in the greater Chicagoland area. This regional focus does not preclude our ability to consult with churches nationwide should we be called upon to do so.

Is My Church Too Small for a Church Consultant?

Not at all. That begs the question, “What is a small church?” Recent research demonstrates that about half of American churches have a database of 100 with an average attendance of 75. That same research shows that 90% of American churches have a database of 500 with an average attendance of 350. As of 2017, the median attendance for American Evangelical churches was 129. These statistics reveal one important fact that should not be overlooked; the overwhelming majority of American churches fall in the small to medium size range. Small to medium size churches are the backbone of American Christianity. They are important; too important to overlook.

The problem facing smaller to medium sized churches is not an issue of size, it’s an issue of health. The research into church health reveals that most unhealthy churches fall into the small to medium size range. There is a general maxim that states, on average, the smaller the congregation the unhealthier the church. Unfortunately, this is quite often the case. Why? Smaller and medium size churches are frequently plagued with resource challenges larger size churches do not face. Larger churches can afford to employ the services of the most well-known consultants and advisors available and employ a staff large enough to bring the consultant’s recommendations to fruition rapidly. Smaller and medium size churches simply do not always have that ability. So, it falls to the pastor and a cadre of volunteer leaders to do the best they can with what they can. This can lead to an unhealthy ministry.

Yet, size is not always a good indicator of health, and God can do miraculous things with limited resources. Telios Church Consulting LLC wants to give you maximum input at a reasonable cost. We want God’s church, your church, to be as healthy as it possibly can be. We believe it is the smaller to medium size churches that should be retaining the services of a certified church consultant. They stand poised to reach people for Christ in a way larger churches simply are not able to do. Don’t sell your church or our God short in this. If you want to be as healthy as you can be, Telios wants to help!

Does Telios Have Any Denominational Preferences?

Hiring a church consultant isn’t about denominational distinctives. Of course, if you’re part of a denomination, you may have consulting services readily available to you. But, if you’d like a broader perspective Telios is there for you. We will respect your denominational perspectives and work with your denomination to help you to the best of our ability.

Currently, Dr. Smith pastors a non-denominational church with a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds. Our intent is not to analyze your denominational distinctives or theological perspectives. Our desire is to see your church become as healthy as possible. However, it should be noted that the consulting processes employed at and recommendations purposed by Telios are rooted in the inspiration, infallibility, inerrancy, and trustworthiness of Scripture. Telios seeks to give recommendations based on the Bible’s prescriptions of what a healthy church ought to be. Therefore, Telios most often consults with local churches whose beliefs are conservatively evangelical, regardless of denominational affiliation or independence.

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