Welcome to Telios


Why Telios?

Telios may seem like an unusual word choice to name a consulting firm, but in truth, it’s a perfect fit. The Greek word τέλειος (telios) means “to be complete or perfect” in the sense of to be fully developed or mature. The Apostle Paul used the term when writing to the Ephesians about the purpose of the gifted individuals given to the Church by Christ (4:11-14). His use of the telios lends itself more to being mature in the sense of being fully healthy. Paul identified being mature with being all grown up, stable, and not easily swayed or deceived. This type of maturity speaks to being completely healthy as a church.

The choice of the word telios in our firm’s name indicates the reason why Telios Church Consulting LLC exists. Our goal is not to force you into our church mold, but to provide independent, professional, biblically-based consulting services that will help your church attain and maintain healthy ministry perspectives, functions, and systems. We want your church to be as healthy as possible so that God is best glorified and the work of the Gospel is advanced.

What Is Telios Church Consulting LLC?

The local church is to be the lighthouse of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost culture floundering in sin’s darkness. It cannot be what Christ intended it to be and fulfill the mission He gave it to do if it is not healthy. The problem is, most American evangelical pastors are frustrated, overworked, overburdened, and nearing burnout. Parishioners being served by these pastors are equally frustrated with the state of their churches. Church leaders and parishioners alike both approach the local church with preconceived notions, perceptions and expectations. These notions, perceptions and expectations are all factors which impact a church’s health. If a congregation experiences a discord in these things their overall health will be negatively impacted. Yet, if a church learns to channel these things in a way that aids them in maximizing their strengths and strengthening their weaknesses so that the congregation ministering in maximum alignment with their mission and vision, then they will be healthy. Unfortunately, too many churches ignore their health until their poor health overtakes them. Too many local churches are experiencing an unhealthy paradigm out of which they never break free.

Telios Church Consulting, LLC. provides independent professional consulting services to your church to help you attain and maintain healthy ministry perspectives, functions, and systems so that God is best glorified and the work of the Gospel is advanced. Telios wants to come alongside your church ministry and help you become the healthiest church you can be.SfCC Logo 460 x 150 (002)